Brava is one of the greenest islands in the entire archipelago and its wealth of flowers abounds in the eyes of those who once proclaimed it as the "island of flowers".

From the inhabited islands of Cape Verde, this is the smallest. The green of this island, full of charms to discover, brings with it sceneries of various colors and aromas, where the deep valleys contrast with the highest peaks. With a winding coastline, the bays win their charm, where the blue of the sea and the green of the earth contrast with the colorful boats that we can find there. Fajã de Água is a must visit.

Brava presents, on rough trails, with the energetic colors of bougainvillea, the aroma of jasmine and the sweetness of hibiscus. Let yourself be involved in the mystique of the city of Nova Sintra, capital of the island, which has markedly colonial characteristics.